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Jwoww Tanning Lotion

Well we all know Jwoww, but did you know about Jwoww Tanning Lotion??? You can learn more about all her products in the video below and find the perfect lotion for you. The Jwoww tanning line is by Australian Gold so you know quality is top notch! We have a wide selection of Jwoww lotion and 1,000’s of other products. If you do not see something just email us We will find whatever it is you need.

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Jwoww Tanning Lotion
Regular Price: $ 50.00
Our Price: $25.00
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Jwoww 50X
Regular Price: $ 75.00
Our Price: $37.50

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Jwoww_50X_Pkt-lotionJwoww 50X Packet
Regular Price: $ 10.00
Our Price: $5.00

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Jwoww Facial Kit
Regular Price: $ 70.00
Our Price: $34.95

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Jwoww Mad Heat Lotion
Regular Price: $ 75.00
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Jwoww One & Done Lotion
Regular Price: $ 68.00
Our Price: $34.00
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buy jwoww private reserve
Jwoww Private Reserve
Regular Price: $ 90.00
Our Price: $45.00
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Jwoww Wedding White Bronzer
Regular Price: $ 96.00
Our Price: $47.50
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Lotion Reviews

Get a Better Tan with Theory Tanning Lotion

Theory Tanning Lotion is a good choice for anyone looking to get a darker, more even tan. While the sun may help your skin darken on its own to a certain extent, most people have a hard time getting the exact shade that they desire. When you want more than just a bronzed look, it is time to start using a tanning lotion.


tanning lotion
tanning lotion


Tanning lotions have a variety of benefits. First, they help protect your skin when you are tanning. We all know that UV rays can be harmful, but with a good lotion, you will pick up color much faster, shortening your time in the sun. Not only is this beneficial, but the oils contained in the lotion are extremely good for your sun and help to protect it and keep it young and supple looking.


Theory Tanning Lotion contains a variety of different oils to please the skin. These include hemp and carrot oils, as well as Shea butter, which helps keep the skin very soft. It also helps prevent any damage that could be caused by the sun’s rays. These oils are also pleasant to the touch and enhance the bronzing effect of the sun’s rays. Theory Tanning Lotion has a pleasant aroma of Blue Grape, as well, so you smell lovely while in the sun.


To effectively use this tanning lotion, apply it just before going out into the sun, being careful not to miss any areas, as you could end up with an uneven tan that way. It may help to have someone else help you smooth this lotion on your skin.


Tanning lotion can be used anywhere you might want to tan. This includes your backyard, the pool or even the beach. Just remember to reapply if you take a dip. The lotion can wash off in the water, though it is water resistant.


Theory Tanning Lotion is a good choice for anyone who wants to tan faster and darker. For a very smooth, even tan, adding lotion to your skin before heading out into the sun to bronze. Check your coloring on a regular basis so you do not overdo it and if need be, reapply the tanning lotion. Shorter tanning sessions can be beneficial.


tanning lotion
tanning lotion
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Devoted Creations- Reborn Couture For Ultimate Bronzing

devoted creationsDevoted Creation – Reborn Couture is an indoor tanning productthat was first developed for the 2010 season. It uses both natural ingredients and those developed by the latest scientific technology to ensure the darkest tans. When you want to provide powerful protection for your time in the sun or get indoor tanning results quickly, then this is the ideal product for you.

Devoted Creations gives a Dark Tan

When you use this product in the sun you will achieve the darkest tan ever. Acai oil is a natural ingredient that has antioxidants for skin protection and helps your skin fight the free radicals that cause it to age, in addition to promoting great tanning. Cocoa butter works well with Ceramide 2 complex, a scientifically engineered compound, to ensure that skin remains hydrated to combat sun damage. They accomplish this by creating a moisture barrier that locks in the moisture, so your skin feels velvety smooth all day. When skin is well hydrated, you get a more intense tan. Silicone Emulsion is another important ingredient that moisturizes and ensures the effects last throughout the day. It makes the skin smooth and supple.

Reborn Couture Free Samples

Free samples are available online as well as some special offers. You can find better prices than the standard retail when you shop online for Reborn Couture. The product invokes a rebel quality in its marketing strategy, for those who want to display the deepest tans. However, due to the protection it offers, you can still safeguard your skin from the sun’s harsh rays while getting an incredibly dark tan.

The bottle is shaped to resemble a genie bottle. The word ‘Reborn’ is in a gold font, and Couture is in a stylized font of bright orange. The lotion itself is a teal shade of blue, and purple and black highlights on the bottle achieve an attractive effect. In addition to use in the sun, it can be applied for indoor bronzing as well and is excellent for use in the tanning bed.

It receives 4 out of 5 stars from customer reviews, which is a great rating for tanning products, for which people are known to be very opinionated. You can get a great tan after only one use. By using it twice a week, you can have a tan that lasts year round. Many customers attest that it is the best tanning product they have ever used.

You can find Devoted Creations- Reborn Couture at many online websites, including When you want to sport a deep tan throughout the year, or obtain the darkest tan you have ever achieved, this is the product you should try. It has a clean fresh fragrance and will leave your skin feeling luxurious both in and out of the sun.

reborn couture

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California Tan- Dirty Secret Review

dirty secretCalifornia Tan- Dirty Secret is a skin tanning lotion. It combines the softness of silicone with the tantalizing aromas of tropical orchid and peach. This lotion prepares the skin, to achieve a dark, velvety tan, without then sun. California Tan- Dirty Secret has received positive reviews from customers have used it. This sunless tanning lotion softens the skin, helps relieve dryness, tiny wrinkles and gives the skin a healthy glow. It will not protect individuals from harmful sun rays, because it contains no Sun protection, so caution should be taken when sunbathing.

Dirty Secret Sizes

California Tan- Dirty Secret is available in a variety of sizes; a 5-ounce bottle, a larger 12-ounce bottle, or in small packages of five. This tanning formula is the first step to achieving an outstanding tan, combining a rare combination of antioxidant treatments; such as green tea, pomegranate, and fig extracts. Anti-oxidants are known to strengthen skin tissue making it less vulnerable to the effects of environmental pollutants, UV rays, and adverse conditions that age the skin. California Tan offers a complex line of skin products, which can improve skin texture and overall softness. These skin products include; a daily moisturizer, bronzing lotions, tanning boosters, and a wide range of skin firming creams.

Dirty Secret Cost

  • The price for California Tan- Dirty Secrets can vary considerably depending on the supplier. The 12-ounce size, online can cost as much as $39.00 or go for as little as $11.95. There are significant savings available, if consumers do comparative shopping for these items. These skin creams use natural ingredients, which makes them healthier to use than similar skin products, which use potentially harmful chemicals in their lotions and creams. Another benefit to these sunless tanning products is that the customer can get a fantastic tan without going in the sun. This is much healthier for the skin, protects against premature aging, and skin cancer. California Tan does offer skin products, which include UV protection; one is California Tan SPF 30. The reason so many of their products do not include UV protection is they are sunless tanning creams, which provide a tan, without going in the Sun. Dirty Secret  prepares the skin for exposure to the Sun, by increasing melanin production and making the skin tan easier.

Dirty Secret Gets Results

  • California Tan- Dirty Secret is one of the best tanning products on the market. Most people who have used this product have not been disappointed. This is a product that gives the skin a radiant glow, is beneficial for the skin, and encourages people to be more responsible about Sun exposure. There is no reason not to have that summer tan, when Dirty Secret guarantees a wonderful tan, making other sunless lotions appear pale by comparison.

dirty secrets

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Tan Inc. Beach Brown

beach brown tan incWhite males and females around the world have always craved to get that sun-kissed skin tone that looks warm and healthy. While sun tanning was the only solution available to them two decades ago, the introduction of sun tanning beds and more recently the self-tanning lotions have made life much simpler for them. However, it took years for the manufacturers of self-tanning lotions to perfect their product and to give a golden glow rather than an orange hue to the skin. If you have been disappointed with the use of similar products in the past, you need to try Tan Inc. Beach Brown Tanning Lotion manufactured by Tan Incorporated.

What makes Tan Inc Beach Brown so good?

With Tan Incorporated Beach Brown, you can get a sunless tan that does not pose any danger of skin cancer as there is no exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun. To add to it, by using a packet of Tan Inc. Beach Brown, you can get an enviable tan rather quickly and flaunt the same for 7 days. The warm caramel color and the glow that this tanning solution lends is bound to get you compliments from friends and family.

Moreover, this non-tingle bronzer is extremely easy to apply and spreads evenly over the skin without any streaks. Furthermore, it comes in a compact pack that you can carry anywhere even though you may not need to use it after a week of application. However, since it does not have an SPF protection, it is highly recommended that you wear a sunscreen over it before stepping out in the sun.

Key ingredients in Tan Inc. Beach Brown

The ingredients used in Tan Inc. Beach Brown tanning lotion include Dihydroxyacetone or DHA that enjoys the certification of the Food & Drug Administration as a safe cosmetic ingredient. This compound stimulates the production of Keratin by the epidermal layer of the skin and thus offers a brown color to the skin. Since this is extracted from vegetable source or sugar cane, it does not have any side effect and is safe for use by pregnant women as well.

Tan Inc. Beach Brown tanning lotion also contains skin-firming agents that help in tightening the pores and gives a healthier look to the skin. Moreover, the walnut extracts used in this lotion offer a deep bronze color while nourishing the skin from deep within. Other key ingredients used in this tanning solution include TCH free Hemp seed oil and Cactus extract that reinforces the skin’s natural moisture-retaining barrier and make it softer and suppler.

Added bonus with Beach Brown from Tan Inc

The fabulous smell of this tanning lotion is an added bonus. Additionally, Tan Inc. Beach Brown is free from any skin irritants and fades away evenly unlike other products that leave behind patches.

tan inc beach brown

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Designer Skin – Black 20X

designer skin black 20xDesigner Skin Black-20X is a bronzer and tanning bed lotion, a silicone emulsion that is known for its smooth   and soft texture that melts into the skin. It produces a rich, deep, and dark bronze color a few hours after application. The lotion also comes with a sweet citrus fragrance in an attractive silver container.

How to Use the Designer Skin-Black 20X

Most users prefer to put on the tanning lotion 30 minutes before going inside the tanning bed. This way the skin has enough time to absorb the lotion and get the melanin-production process going. The skin will also feel softer before the tan. Added moisturizes in the tanning lotion prevent dryness and cracking of the skin.

Important Features of the Designer Skin Black 20X

Far from being your run-of-the-mill tanning bed lotion, Black 20X is a product of Designer Skin, maker of quality tanning and bronzing lotions. It is a silicone tanning bed lotion that offers deep dark colors which look natural and streak free. Top feature include the 3x mega melamax optimizing complex, which is responsible for the lotion’s dark tanning effect. Another important feature is the 2x optiglow blends, which gives the skin a healthy and radiant sheen unlike the oversaturated yet dull color most tanning bed lotions give. The lotion also comes with Sunstay technology and fade defying properties, which prolongs the color of the tan. Activated amino acids keep the bronze color alive even after a few days of application.

Advantages of Designer Skin-Black 20X

The Designer Skin Black 20X has a leg up over other tanning lotions when it comes to longevity and natural color. Optiglow technology gives the best kind of color that one often sees only in more expensive lotions. Users like how natural their tan looks compared to other salon tanners. The staying power of Designer Skin Black 20X is also among the best rated for its price range. The lotion does not easily rub off and does not come off even after profuse perspiration.

Another advantage is the non-greasy texture that users feel once they have applied the lotion. The lotion comes with moisturizers that prevent the skin from drying up after one uses the tanning bed, so even if it does not contain SPF, it still provides a layer of protection from dryness. Finally, the lotion comes in a pocket-friendly 13 oz. size. The price tag may be a bit of a stretch for some, but considering the quality of color and its staying power, this tanning lotion is a buy that is worth the money.

Designer Skin-Black 20X is an effective tanning bed lotion that keeps the skin smooth and moisturized as it helps it turn a golden dark tan. The tanning lotion works in a matter of hours, has a great staying power, and does not rub off or streak easily. It also costs less than most salon tans.

designer skin black 20x