Choosing a Good Tanning Lotion

One of the things on your to do list before you beach vacation is probably shopping for a new swimsuit. While you are considering what those tan lines look like, you should also consider how you will get those tan lines and how to keep your skin safe in the process. There are lots of good tanning lotions you can buy in the store that are cheap, but they won’t do the job properly. You will need to shop for quality tanning lotions that can be found from many specialty retailers on the web. Quality tanning lotions will have ingredients that moisturize and help your skin to get nice color on it while staying safe under the sun’s rays.

Ingredients in a Quality Tanning Lotions

  • Instead of looking at the price of a bottle of lotion, you should look at the ingredient list. The ingredients will have different purposes when used on your skin. For example, one ingredient should be pure aloe. Aloe has natural healing properties in it that will keep your skin soft and renew it after exposure to the sun. Aloe can be purchased separately in its own lotion or it can be found as an ingredient in a moisturizing lotion. Choose which style is best for what you have intended on the beach.
  • The ingredients on the bottle of lotion you have should also be all natural. Natural ingredients like aloe, cocoa butter and other vitamins work best in their natural form. Lotions with lots of chemicals don’t really do anything for your skin, except feel greasy and gross, making you want to take a shower instead of lying in the sun to work on your tan. All natural ingredients will have a slightly higher price tag on them in the end, but the quality is worth paying for in the long run if it helps keep your skin healthy.

Moisturizing in Quality Tanning Lotions

  • Another ingredient your quality sun tanning lotion will have is a moisturizing agent. This will keep your skin soft and prevent wrinkles from coming out on your skin, even as you sit under the sun. The moisturizing agents will work on any skin that is drying out – which makes it prone to wrinkles – and prevent it from further damage. Moisturizers don’t have to be expensive to work, but they also shouldn’t be cheap.

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When a tanning lotion contains a bronzer in it, that will also help your skin to gain color in a quicker fashion. The bronzer will react with the sun and produce color on your skin faster than if the lotion didn’t have any. The less time you spend in the sun is a bit better, since you aren’t wasting time and exposing your skin for longer than necessary. The bronzer will also help your skin to hold on to the color longer than if you didn’t have any on your skin.

Finding Quality Tanning Lotions at a Good Price

  • To keep your skin in great condition, you will need to shop around. Cheaper is not better when it comes to tanning lotions, so avoid the grocery store or the department store’s sale on them.

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