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Designer Skin – Black 20X

designer skin black 20xDesigner Skin Black-20X is a bronzer and tanning bed lotion, a silicone emulsion that is known for its smooth   and soft texture that melts into the skin. It produces a rich, deep, and dark bronze color a few hours after application. The lotion also comes with a sweet citrus fragrance in an attractive silver container.

How to Use the Designer Skin-Black 20X

Most users prefer to put on the tanning lotion 30 minutes before going inside the tanning bed. This way the skin has enough time to absorb the lotion and get the melanin-production process going. The skin will also feel softer before the tan. Added moisturizes in the tanning lotion prevent dryness and cracking of the skin.

Important Features of the Designer Skin Black 20X

Far from being your run-of-the-mill tanning bed lotion, Black 20X is a product of Designer Skin, maker of quality tanning and bronzing lotions. It is a silicone tanning bed lotion that offers deep dark colors which look natural and streak free. Top feature include the 3x mega melamax optimizing complex, which is responsible for the lotion’s dark tanning effect. Another important feature is the 2x optiglow blends, which gives the skin a healthy and radiant sheen unlike the oversaturated yet dull color most tanning bed lotions give. The lotion also comes with Sunstay technology and fade defying properties, which prolongs the color of the tan. Activated amino acids keep the bronze color alive even after a few days of application.

Advantages of Designer Skin-Black 20X

The Designer Skin Black 20X has a leg up over other tanning lotions when it comes to longevity and natural color. Optiglow technology gives the best kind of color that one often sees only in more expensive lotions. Users like how natural their tan looks compared to other salon tanners. The staying power of Designer Skin Black 20X is also among the best rated for its price range. The lotion does not easily rub off and does not come off even after profuse perspiration.

Another advantage is the non-greasy texture that users feel once they have applied the lotion. The lotion comes with moisturizers that prevent the skin from drying up after one uses the tanning bed, so even if it does not contain SPF, it still provides a layer of protection from dryness. Finally, the lotion comes in a pocket-friendly 13 oz. size. The price tag may be a bit of a stretch for some, but considering the quality of color and its staying power, this tanning lotion is a buy that is worth the money.

Designer Skin-Black 20X is an effective tanning bed lotion that keeps the skin smooth and moisturized as it helps it turn a golden dark tan. The tanning lotion works in a matter of hours, has a great staying power, and does not rub off or streak easily. It also costs less than most salon tans.

designer skin black 20x

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