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Get a Better Tan with Theory Tanning Lotion

Theory Tanning Lotion is a good choice for anyone looking to get a darker, more even tan. While the sun may help your skin darken on its own to a certain extent, most people have a hard time getting the exact shade that they desire. When you want more than just a bronzed look, it is time to start using a tanning lotion.


tanning lotion
tanning lotion


Tanning lotions have a variety of benefits. First, they help protect your skin when you are tanning. We all know that UV rays can be harmful, but with a good lotion, you will pick up color much faster, shortening your time in the sun. Not only is this beneficial, but the oils contained in the lotion are extremely good for your sun and help to protect it and keep it young and supple looking.


Theory Tanning Lotion contains a variety of different oils to please the skin. These include hemp and carrot oils, as well as Shea butter, which helps keep the skin very soft. It also helps prevent any damage that could be caused by the sun’s rays. These oils are also pleasant to the touch and enhance the bronzing effect of the sun’s rays. Theory Tanning Lotion has a pleasant aroma of Blue Grape, as well, so you smell lovely while in the sun.


To effectively use this tanning lotion, apply it just before going out into the sun, being careful not to miss any areas, as you could end up with an uneven tan that way. It may help to have someone else help you smooth this lotion on your skin.


Tanning lotion can be used anywhere you might want to tan. This includes your backyard, the pool or even the beach. Just remember to reapply if you take a dip. The lotion can wash off in the water, though it is water resistant.


Theory Tanning Lotion is a good choice for anyone who wants to tan faster and darker. For a very smooth, even tan, adding lotion to your skin before heading out into the sun to bronze. Check your coloring on a regular basis so you do not overdo it and if need be, reapply the tanning lotion. Shorter tanning sessions can be beneficial.


tanning lotion
tanning lotion

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