How to Tan Best

When you are serious about getting a good tan for the summer, whether it is on a deadline before a special event or not, you will need to think ahead about your tanning process. Running out on a sunny day and laying out in the sun for three hours is not the smart way to get yourself a great, overall tan. In order to be smart about tanning, you will need to think ahead and do a bit of planning. The process will also take several days to a few weeks to accomplish if you are doing it outside, under the real sun as well. Planning ahead will guarantee that you have a nice tan before your event or just to have during the summer months.

Using High Quality Tanning Lotion to get the Best Tan

  • The first thing to do in order to get your best tan on is to buy some high quality tanning lotion. This lotion will contain either aloe, moisturizers or a bronzer or any combination of the three ingredients. The moisturizing agent will keep your skin soft and from drying out. The aloe will help to repair any skin damage and prevent more damage while you are out in the sun. The bronzing agent will help speed up the tanning process and give you a natural glow all on its own. The bronzing agent will also last longer than a normal sun tan coloring will. Use the lotion before you step out in the sun to get the best tan.

best tanExfoliating for the Best Tan

  • Next, you next to exfoliate. That sounds strange, but the day before you will be going out in the sun you should have all of your dead skin removed to get the best tan. When the dead skin is away from your body, the sun can penetrate deeper in to your skin and work faster. If you are going to be out in the sun, you don’t want to waste those rays on dead skin that will fall off in the shower that night, right?

The morning you plan on going out in the sun for the first time, use a moisturizer. Healthy skin will absorb the sun faster and retain the color better than damaged and unhealthy skin will. It will also keep your skin soft and get you the best tan.

When you go out in the sun, use a tanning lotion or a sunscreen between 8 and 15 spf. You don’t want your skin to scorch, so keeping it protecting with a low spf will allow some of the rays to come in and color your skin without burning them. Burned skin will only peel off in the future, leaving you looking worse than if you hadn’t gone out in the sun in the first place.

Keeping the Best Tan

The first few times when you go out in the sun, limit your exposure. Your sin needs time to adjust to the sun and doing so in small increments will keep your skin healthier. For instance, if you spend four hours in the sun the first day and get a bad sunburn, you didn’t do yourself any good with a tan. Your skin will peel and you will only have to start over with the tanning process.

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