Mmmmm Fiesta Sun Mint Chocolate Chip Tanning Lotion - Cheap!

Fiesta Sun Mint Chocolate Chip

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Fiesta Sun Mint Chocolate Chip is a lovely refreshing and revitalize natural mint essence blended with the rich chocolate chips aroma, features our exclusive black bronzers in a rich, creamy lotion blend that will leave you skin cool to the touch and tan its darkest color of bronze. The formula of Fiesta Sun Mint Chocolate Chip is so yummy that has it’s perfect cool.


This yummy recipe is made with supreme tanning accelerators:

  • Megavitamins and sugar cane bronzers satisfy your darkest desires.
  • A Magical silicones for softer, silkier skin DHA & natural bronzers for a deeper, darker, long lasting tan.
  • A Vitamins A, C & E for healthy looking skin.
  • An exotic botanicals to help fight off free radical grubber to defy age.
  • And Isosorbide complex helps deliver benefits deeper into the skin.

The scent of Fiesta Sun Mint Chocolate Chip is so amazing and you will not worry when walking around smell mint choco chip or you have to go somewhere after tanning. This Fiesta Sun Mint Chocolate Chip tanning lotion  will absorbed really nice to you body and after tanning, you will feel that your skin is really soft and moisturize. A good product that you will not regret.

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