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Fiesta Sun Passion Fruit Tini

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Fiesta Sun Pass Fruit Tini is intimately hot, passionate and tempting. It’s a combination of stain and streak-free bronzer come-hither experience of, OptiGlow, skin refreshing intense microcirculation complex. Fiesta Sun Pass Fruit Tini has a pure blend of moisture rich Extra Virgin Olive Oil fortified with Vitamins A, C, and E  together with a Sunglow and Anti-aging that will help you protect and reaffirm your natural skin tone leaving it feeling and looking glowing healthy skin.


Fiesta Sun Pass Fruit Tini:

  • Level 3
  • 10 shots of sizzle
  • 10 shots of Bronzer
  • Delicious Fruit Medley Fragrance
  • Vitamins A, C, and E

Fiesta Sun Pass Fruit Tini specializes sweet scented smelling innovative formulas that will make you smell as good as you look. Fiesta Sun Pass Fruit Tini tanning lotion formulas are uniquely designed to overreach you tanning desires. This product contains the most advanced combination of natural tanning ingredients combined with the latest science to give you the deepest, darkest, fastest tan possible while keeping your skin soft and supple. Fiesta Sun turns every day into a fiesta and gives you that golden tan that makes it look like you’ve just returned from a tropical holiday.

Take Hold of Your Deepest Intuitions and set to Blaze this Fiery Love Lotion!

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