Supre Tattoo Bronzer

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Spoil yourself with this Supre Tattoo Bronzer Ultra Dark Tanning. this tingle bronzer will stimulate your skin with its intense tingle sensation as it continues to extend its tanning power last for a couple of days after UV exposure. Unlike the other product, the scent of this Supre Tattoo Bronzer Ultra Dark Tanning is smelled good and it won’t makes your skin oily.


Supre Tattoo Bronzer Ultra Dark Tanning has a Vitamin D that will seduce your skin with dark tan maximizers, extreme sunless bronzers and an advanced anti-aging blend of Goji, Pomegranate, and Acai Berries for superior softness and everlasting color.

It helps combat free radical damage from environmental stress and increases moisture levels for healthier-looking skin that’s the power of advance Vitamin D in Supre Tattoo Bronzer Ultra Dark Tanning.

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