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Tan Inc. Beach Brown

beach brown tan incWhite males and females around the world have always craved to get that sun-kissed skin tone that looks warm and healthy. While sun tanning was the only solution available to them two decades ago, the introduction of sun tanning beds and more recently the self-tanning lotions have made life much simpler for them. However, it took years for the manufacturers of self-tanning lotions to perfect their product and to give a golden glow rather than an orange hue to the skin. If you have been disappointed with the use of similar products in the past, you need to try Tan Inc. Beach Brown Tanning Lotion manufactured by Tan Incorporated.

What makes Tan Inc Beach Brown so good?

With Tan Incorporated Beach Brown, you can get a sunless tan that does not pose any danger of skin cancer as there is no exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun. To add to it, by using a packet of Tan Inc. Beach Brown, you can get an enviable tan rather quickly and flaunt the same for 7 days. The warm caramel color and the glow that this tanning solution lends is bound to get you compliments from friends and family.

Moreover, this non-tingle bronzer is extremely easy to apply and spreads evenly over the skin without any streaks. Furthermore, it comes in a compact pack that you can carry anywhere even though you may not need to use it after a week of application. However, since it does not have an SPF protection, it is highly recommended that you wear a sunscreen over it before stepping out in the sun.

Key ingredients in Tan Inc. Beach Brown

The ingredients used in Tan Inc. Beach Brown tanning lotion include Dihydroxyacetone or DHA that enjoys the certification of the Food & Drug Administration as a safe cosmetic ingredient. This compound stimulates the production of Keratin by the epidermal layer of the skin and thus offers a brown color to the skin. Since this is extracted from vegetable source or sugar cane, it does not have any side effect and is safe for use by pregnant women as well.

Tan Inc. Beach Brown tanning lotion also contains skin-firming agents that help in tightening the pores and gives a healthier look to the skin. Moreover, the walnut extracts used in this lotion offer a deep bronze color while nourishing the skin from deep within. Other key ingredients used in this tanning solution include TCH free Hemp seed oil and Cactus extract that reinforces the skin’s natural moisture-retaining barrier and make it softer and suppler.

Added bonus with Beach Brown from Tan Inc

The fabulous smell of this tanning lotion is an added bonus. Additionally, Tan Inc. Beach Brown is free from any skin irritants and fades away evenly unlike other products that leave behind patches.

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