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Devoted Creations- Reborn Couture For Ultimate Bronzing

devoted creationsDevoted Creation – Reborn Couture is an indoor tanning productthat was first developed for the 2010 season. It uses both natural ingredients and those developed by the latest scientific technology to ensure the darkest tans. When you want to provide powerful protection for your time in the sun or get indoor tanning results quickly, then this is the ideal product for you.

Devoted Creations gives a Dark Tan

When you use this product in the sun you will achieve the darkest tan ever. Acai oil is a natural ingredient that has antioxidants for skin protection and helps your skin fight the free radicals that cause it to age, in addition to promoting great tanning. Cocoa butter works well with Ceramide 2 complex, a scientifically engineered compound, to ensure that skin remains hydrated to combat sun damage. They accomplish this by creating a moisture barrier that locks in the moisture, so your skin feels velvety smooth all day. When skin is well hydrated, you get a more intense tan. Silicone Emulsion is another important ingredient that moisturizes and ensures the effects last throughout the day. It makes the skin smooth and supple.

Reborn Couture Free Samples

Free samples are available online as well as some special offers. You can find better prices than the standard retail when you shop online for Reborn Couture. The product invokes a rebel quality in its marketing strategy, for those who want to display the deepest tans. However, due to the protection it offers, you can still safeguard your skin from the sun’s harsh rays while getting an incredibly dark tan.

The bottle is shaped to resemble a genie bottle. The word ‘Reborn’ is in a gold font, and Couture is in a stylized font of bright orange. The lotion itself is a teal shade of blue, and purple and black highlights on the bottle achieve an attractive effect. In addition to use in the sun, it can be applied for indoor bronzing as well and is excellent for use in the tanning bed.

It receives 4 out of 5 stars from customer reviews, which is a great rating for tanning products, for which people are known to be very opinionated. You can get a great tan after only one use. By using it twice a week, you can have a tan that lasts year round. Many customers attest that it is the best tanning product they have ever used.

You can find Devoted Creations- Reborn Couture at many online websites, including When you want to sport a deep tan throughout the year, or obtain the darkest tan you have ever achieved, this is the product you should try. It has a clean fresh fragrance and will leave your skin feeling luxurious both in and out of the sun.

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