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California Tan- Dirty Secret Review

dirty secretCalifornia Tan- Dirty Secret is a skin tanning lotion. It combines the softness of silicone with the tantalizing aromas of tropical orchid and peach. This lotion prepares the skin, to achieve a dark, velvety tan, without then sun. California Tan- Dirty Secret has received positive reviews from customers have used it. This sunless tanning lotion softens the skin, helps relieve dryness, tiny wrinkles and gives the skin a healthy glow. It will not protect individuals from harmful sun rays, because it contains no Sun protection, so caution should be taken when sunbathing.

Dirty Secret Sizes

California Tan- Dirty Secret is available in a variety of sizes; a 5-ounce bottle, a larger 12-ounce bottle, or in small packages of five. This tanning formula is the first step to achieving an outstanding tan, combining a rare combination of antioxidant treatments; such as green tea, pomegranate, and fig extracts. Anti-oxidants are known to strengthen skin tissue making it less vulnerable to the effects of environmental pollutants, UV rays, and adverse conditions that age the skin. California Tan offers a complex line of skin products, which can improve skin texture and overall softness. These skin products include; a daily moisturizer, bronzing lotions, tanning boosters, and a wide range of skin firming creams.

Dirty Secret Cost

  • The price for California Tan- Dirty Secrets can vary considerably depending on the supplier. The 12-ounce size, online can cost as much as $39.00 or go for as little as $11.95. There are significant savings available, if consumers do comparative shopping for these items. These skin creams use natural ingredients, which makes them healthier to use than similar skin products, which use potentially harmful chemicals in their lotions and creams. Another benefit to these sunless tanning products is that the customer can get a fantastic tan without going in the sun. This is much healthier for the skin, protects against premature aging, and skin cancer. California Tan does offer skin products, which include UV protection; one is California Tan SPF 30. The reason so many of their products do not include UV protection is they are sunless tanning creams, which provide a tan, without going in the Sun. Dirty Secret  prepares the skin for exposure to the Sun, by increasing melanin production and making the skin tan easier.

Dirty Secret Gets Results

  • California Tan- Dirty Secret is one of the best tanning products on the market. Most people who have used this product have not been disappointed. This is a product that gives the skin a radiant glow, is beneficial for the skin, and encourages people to be more responsible about Sun exposure. There is no reason not to have that summer tan, when Dirty Secret guarantees a wonderful tan, making other sunless lotions appear pale by comparison.

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